Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The following is a listing of some of the people I have met (or who are important) in my life in Togo with some very random background and context.

Adjowa – That’s my new African name. This name was given to me by the most respected elder in Tchekpo, and it has to do with the fact that I was born on a Sunday. The villagers love it that I have already been given an African name, and they all call me by this name already.

Alougba and the gang making something called gari.
Alougba – My Homologue.  Alougba is a 56 year old woman from Tchekpo.

Ashley – Peace Corps Volunteer I’m closest to. Her village is called Mission Tove, and is located about fifty miles from me. Ashley and I plan on going to Lome for R&R at least once a month, and we plan on traveling to Ghana and up north to see Dillon.

Chief Canton - Enough said! (Chief of Tchekpo)

Clee-mawn - Safuir's husband and member of my host family. He is a doctor and scientist and studied at John Hopkins in Baltimore. His specialty is lung tumor research. He sees patients here in Tesvie on his front porch while waiting for his visa to return to the U.S. to do a residency in Knoxville, Tenn.

Coo-lee and Renee - Thirteen year old boys who live with my host family.

Dillon – Our funny PCV friend who will be living in the furthest North village of Togo.

Flor-aus – Kafuir's mother and member of my host family is 67 and looks darn good for her age.

Homologue – Homologue is the title of our partner in the village/community. Each Peace Corps volunteer has at least one Homologue in their village. This person(s) will be primary contact in the village and often be their interpreter. A good/effective Homologue is needed to be successful and effective in your village. This person or people should be your best friend(s) over the next two years, and make sure that you have everything you need to accomplish goals.

Jeremy – PCV lives in Ahepe which is 30 minutes away my home in Tchekpo and does health work.

Kafuir (pronounced – Ka-free) - She is thirty-four and the matriarch of my host family's compound. She’s very nice to me, but at the same time I instinctively know not to mess with her….she’s kind of a no-nonsense woman. Kafuir is 34.

Matthew – Is Togolese and he is the health clinic nurse in Tchekpo. Matthew is so enthusiastic about me being here. He told me he wants he and I and the Chief and Alougba to do work together and do great things! He made a point of expressing that he does not want me to be sad while I’m here.

Moses and Alougba.
Moses – My 16 year-old translator.

Nay-la and Ack-bennie - Fourteen year old girls who live with my host family.

Say-seel - Kafuir’s sister and member of my host family is 26. Say-seel is very strikingly beautiful and has a son named Mo-dess.

Solomon – Peace Corps volunteer in Tagebow which is 60 minutes away.  He does I.T. work.
Jeremy and Solomon, my two closest PCV neighbors
at our swearing in ceremony.

Twosain – My new friend and new Homologue (Twosain lives around the corner from me in Tchekpo – he took me to a catholic church on Sunday.) Twosain is married to Celestine, and has two children. Twosain and I hit it off. He is going to tutor me in Ewe (the local language) and I am going to tutor him in English.

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  1. Terrific blog!!!! Say hello to our grandson, Togo Joe (Mahach) who is also a PCV in Togo.