Saturday, June 26, 2010

This and That

Today is Saturday. We had a fun training session this morning with some of the kids from the Tsevie High School. We all brought our laptops and had a little introduction to computers session. These kids were extremely bright, but not one of them had been on a computer before. They caught on real fast. It was so much fun to show them. You can imagine showing a young adult how to work a computer for the first time. They were enthralled! We weren't online, but we started with the game solitaire and then showed them how to use the mouse, and introduced MS word and excel to them. I couldn't help but think about Alex (my grand-daughter) These kids were exactly her age, and they seemed like your typical teenager in every other way. They were very excited and happy to get to use our computers. We received some IT tools to download, so that we can have training sessions with the teenagers in our village when we get there.

I have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday off. I'll be studying French, and also preparing for a five minute presentation I have to give next Thursday. The presentation will be given in French to our trainers and the other PCV's, and the subject matter is about what we expect to accomplish in Togo, and what we have planned for the first few months in our village.

Last night was the best night of sleep I've had since I've been here. It rained all night, and was a little cool. I even had to put a little sheet over me. It was like heaven! Usually it is very humid, and there is no breeze or air movement in my room.

bonne journee! (Have a good day!)

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