Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The following is a listing of some of the places I have gone (or which are important) in my life in Togo with some very random background and context.

Lome - Capital of Togo. I will be traveling to Lome at least once a month. The Peace Corps Headquarters are located in Lome.

Tchekpo – Tchekpo is “my village”. This is a medium sized village where I will be living and working for the two years I’m here. It is located about forty miles from Lome, and is in the Maritime Region of Togo, which is the more tropical region.

Tech House – The Tech House is the training compound in Tesvie. It is about four blocks from where I live with my host family. I walk to the Tech House several times a day for training activities.

Tesvie – Tesvie, is a town about forty miles from Lome. It is our training site, and it is where I live with my host family for the nine weeks of training.

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