Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Care Packages

Some of you have asked me about mailing regular mail and packages. I just heard this week that it is very expensive to mail even small packages? I don’t have all the details, but there are ways to send things much cheaper. If you check with the post office…..there is one smallish bulk mail box that is the cheapest. The U.S. Post office should be able to help you figure out how to send something in the least expensive way. As I get more information about this…I’ll let you know They do recommend that you put some religious symbols on packages and/or letters. This is to help assure that these packages do not get opened along the way. Apparently they will respect some religious symbols…like the star of David, or the cross?? Or write the words Que dieu te benisso (translates – God bless you) on the package in a couple places on the package….the corner or something…..and a cross. Mail to:

Terry Nichols, PCV
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 3194
Lomé, Togo
West Africa

I’m sorry I don’t have more or exact information on the cheapest way to send something. I really don’t need anything, letters and emails are just fine. However, if you want to send something I’ve been getting some good ideas from PCV’s who have been here for a while….here are some suggestions, but just use your imagination….anything on the grocery store shelf that might travel easily is going to be a real treat. I think it takes from 2 to 4 weeks for a package…..and they do stress that smaller rather than bigger packages are better to send.

For me:

• (small, individual) crystal lite packets….(I don’t like strawberry)
• Some mint tea bags.
• Knorr meals in packages might be nice to have….like chicken and rice,
or rice and broccoli, Spanish rice (anything that would make a meal)
• A jar of blackberry jelly would be nice
• A jar of peanut butter with peanuts
• shoestring potatoes/fritos
• And any kind of yummy cookie that you think would make it here would
nice or maybe packages of chex mix??? I liked the sweet packages of chexmix.
• Small velveeta cheese (can of whats that stuff you put in velveeta to make
con queso?? – I can’t think of it) (I can buy tortilla chips in Lome,
Cans of Hormel chili
• Heinz ketchup!!!
• Packets of salad dressing…or salad dressing
• Boxes of dried mashed potatoes
• Packets of tuna/packets of chicken (you know those packets???)
• I heard M&M’s travel well, but most of the other candy doesn’t??? Love M&M's m&m’s
• Spices….oregano, anise, garlic salt, taco seasoning….any kind of spices.
• I’d also like to plant an herb garden, so if anyone has herb seeds (and instructions??)

As far as things for the kids here…
• Crayolas
• Coloring books
• Easy books to read to help teach English (like little golden books???)
• Magic Markers
• Stickers
• Any little interesting toy you see that a child might like. They really don’t have toys here.
I’m only sending this because people have asked me in emails. I do not expect care packages.

Peace Corps Togo has established “The Lomé Limo” which runs up and down the country monthly, delivers mail, medical supplies, and sometimes volunteers or staff to central sites along the national road.

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