Saturday, July 24, 2010

U.S. Ambassador to Togo

The U.S. Ambassador to Togo met with our Peace Corps Volunteer Group on Wednesday. It was fascinating. She talked with our small group, very candidly for almost two hours about the history, future and politics of Togo. The picture she painted was dismal, and she doesn't hold out hope for progress in Togo. About the only progress is going to be the very small incremental changes that we are able to make as Peace Corps Volunteers. I can't go into detail about the politics on my blog, as we have been told that our blogs are closely monitored. So....I have no desire to be an American martyr in Togo. I will update this portion on Facebook or through emails when I get a chance.

She also explained how the Foreign Service works, and about her career in the Foreign Service. Many former PCV's major is International relations. They end up and in fact their destination is the Foreign Service. Hmmmmm. If I had it all to do over again, I'd really have been interested in this.

She invited us all to the embassy in Lome whenever we wanted to come, and said we could use her pool, and as long as we came in groups of twenty or less we could plan parties there, and also use their research and computer center. Ashley and I already have it on our calendar. Ashley is twenty-five and single, and hoping to hook-up with the marines who are on duty in Lome. I am just hoping to swim :-) and drink.

A side note...The Ambassador is a sixty year old woman who is retiring this year. She is very much looking forward to retiring to Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband. One of the volunteers asked her if she was taking any favorite Togolese recipes with her. She said she was not taking one Togolese recipe. Enough said!!

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